Jessica Alexander -

Texas Cup Events
1. State Individual Time Trial (5/19/2018)Women's Cat 58th52
2. Tommy Ketterhagen Memorial Road Race (1/20/2018)Women's Cat 3/4/531st0
Amateur Women (3/4) Competition Total52
Novice Women Competition
1. Tour of Corsicana - Crit (3/24/2018)Women's Cat 4/520th0
2. Tour of Corsicana - Time Trial (3/24/2018)Women's Cat 4/522nd0
3. Tour of Corsicana - Road Race (3/25/2018)Women's Cat 4/513th5
4. Tour of Corsicana - GC (3/25/2018)Women's Cat 4/515th24
Novice Women Competition Total29
Road Total81
1. State Cyclo-cross Championship - Skill-Based (1/7/2018)Women's Cat 52nd106
2. State Cyclo-cross Championship - Age-Based (1/7/2018)Women's Ages 30-395th0
Competition Total106
GPoTX Cup Events
1. GPoTX - Mellow Johnny's Cross of Ages (11/4/2017)Women's Cat 4/510th30
Novice Women Competition Total30
SXCX Cup Events
Amateur Women (3/4) Competition
1. SXCX - Six Shooter (10/1/2017)Women's Cat 3/4/514th7
2. SXCX - Webberville Cyclocross (11/18/2017)Women's Cat 3/4/59th12
3. SXCX - Waco Wonderland CX Challenge (12/2/2017)Women's Cat 3/4/52nd27
4. SXCX - Waco Wonderland CX Challenge (12/3/2017)Women's Cat 3/4/52nd27
Amateur Women (3/4) Total73
Cyclocross Total209
All Discipline Total290