Canyon Emmott - 787 Racing

Texas Cup Events
1. State Road Race - Age-Based Championship (9/16/2018)Men's 23-291st0
2. State Road Race -Skill-Based Championship (9/15/2018)Men's Cat 21st120
Expert Men Competition Total120
Amateur Men Competition
1. Pace Bend Weekend (2/24/2018)Men's Cat 3/41st90
2. Pace Bend Weekend (2/25/2018)Men's Cat 31st90
3. La Primavera (3/3/2018)Men's Cat 316th10
Amateur Men Competition Total190
Road Total310
GPoTX Cup Events
Elite Men Competition
1. GPoTX - Mellow Johnny's Cross of Ages (11/4/2017)Men's P/1/2/36th51
2. GPoTX - Mellow Johnny's Cross of Ages (11/5/2017)Men's P/1/2/37th45
Elite Men Competition Total96
SXCX Cup Events
1. SXCX - Cyclocross Scuffle (9/10/2017)Men's P/1/2/31st30
2. SXCX - Best Cross (9/24/2017)Men's P/1/2/35th19
3. SXCX - Six Shooter (9/30/2017)Men's P/1/2/33rd24
Elite Men Total73
Cyclocross Total169
All Discipline Total479