Timothy McAfoos -

GPoTX Cup Events
Elite Men Competition
1. GPoTX - BCRCX (10/21/2017)Men's P/1/2/319th11
2. GPoTX - BCRCX (10/22/2017)Men's P/1/2/36th51
3. GPoTX - Mellow Johnny's Cross of Ages (11/4/2017)Men's P/1/2/37th45
4. GPoTX - Mellow Johnny's Cross of Ages (11/5/2017)Men's P/1/2/39th35
Elite Men Competition Total142
HTXCX Cup Events
1. HTXCX - Vie13CX (10/28/2017)Men's P/1/2/32nd29
2. HTXCX - Vie13CX (10/29/2017)Men's P/1/2/35th15
Elite Men Competition Total44
SXCX Cup Events
1. SXCX - Best Cross (9/23/2017)Men's P/1/2/314th7
2. SXCX - Best Cross (9/24/2017)Men's P/1/2/310th11
3. SXCX - Six Shooter (9/30/2017)Men's P/1/2/319th2
4. SXCX - Six Shooter (10/1/2017)Men's P/1/2/37th15
Elite Men Competition Total35
Single Speed Men Competition
1. SXCX - Waco Wonderland CX Challenge (12/3/2017)Single Speed1st30
Single Speed Men Total30
Cyclocross Total251
All Discipline Total251