Shalom Goffri - Shama Cycles

HTXCX Regional Cup Events
Amateur Men Competition
1. Give Me Some Sugar HTXCX #1 (9/24/2016)Men's Cat 3/415th6
2. Hilltop Ranch HTXCX #2 (9/25/2016)Men's Cat 3/45th19
3. Terra X HTXCX #3 (10/1/2016)Men's Cat 3/47th15
4. BCRCX on the River HTXCX#4 (10/15/2016)Men's Cat 3/418th3
5. Vie13 CX HTXCX #5 (10/29/2016)Men's Cat 3/410th11
Amateur Men Competition Total54
Novice Men Competition
1. Hilltop Ranch HTXCX #2 (9/25/2016)Men's Cat 4/54th22
2. Terra X HTXCX #3 (10/1/2016)Men's Cat 4/52nd27
3. BCRCX on the River HTXCX#4 (10/15/2016)Men's Cat 4/52nd27
Novice Men Total76
Cyclocross Total130
All Discipline Total130