Pamela Ferguson - Haute Wheels Racing

Texas Cup Events
Elite Women Competition
1. Houston Grand Crit (5/7/2017)Women's Cat 1/2/323rd5
2. Battle of San Jacinto Criterium (6/17/2017)Women's Open2nd53
3. Chappell Hill Bank Classic (9/10/2017)Women's Cat 1/2/312th23
Elite Women Competition Total81
Amateur Women Competition
1. State Time Trial Championships - Individual (5/20/2017)Women's Cat 33rd96
2. State Time Trial Championships - Team (5/20/2017)Women's Cat 31st30
Amateur Women Competition Total126
Road Total207
GPoTX Cup Events
Elite Women Competition
1. Haute Cross - GPoTX#6 (11/6/2016)Women's Cat 1/22nd80
Elite Women Competition Total80
Amateur Women Competition
1. Haute Cross - GPoTX#5 (11/5/2016)Women's Cat 3/42nd80
2. Haute Cross - GPoTX#6 (11/6/2016)Women's Cat 3/43rd72
Amateur Women Competition Total152
HTXCX Regional Cup Events
Elite Women Competition
1. Terra X HTXCX #3 (10/1/2016)Women's Cat 1/2/33rd24
2. Vie13 CX HTXCX #6 (10/30/2016)Women's Cat 1/2/34th22
Elite Women Competition Total46
Amateur Women Competition
1. Give Me Some Sugar HTXCX #1 (9/24/2016)Women's Cat 3/46th17
2. Hilltop Ranch HTXCX #2 (9/25/2016)Women's Cat 3/43rd24
3. BCRCX on the River HTXCX#4 (10/15/2016)Women's Cat 3/42nd27
4. Vie13 CX HTXCX #6 (10/30/2016)Women's Cat 3/46th17
Amateur Women Total85
Cyclocross Total363
All Discipline Total570