Samantha Runnels -

Texas Cup Events
1. State Criterium Championship - Age-Based (5/28/2017)Women's Ages 35+1st0
2. Tour of New Braunfels - Crit (4/22/2017)Women's Cat 1/2/310th20
3. Tour of New Braunfels - Road Race (4/23/2017)Women's Cat 1/2/31st60
4. Houston Grand Crit (5/7/2017)Women's Cat 1/2/32nd80
5. Bike the Bricks VIII (5/26/2017)Women's Cat 1/2/32nd106
6. State Criterium Championship - Skill-Based (5/29/2017)Women's Cat 1/21st120
7. State Road Race Championship - Skill-Based (9/16/2017)Women's Cat 1/23rd96
Elite Women Competition Total482
Road Total482
1. Elite Regional Championship - Points Race (7/15/2017)Women's Open2nd32
Elite Women Competition Total32
Track Total32
GPoTX Cup Events
Expert Men Competition
1. Georgetown Cyclocross Festival - GPoTX #2 (10/9/2016)Men's Cat 211th26
Expert Men Competition Total26
Central Texas Regional Cup Events
Elite Women Competition
1. Cyclocross Scuffle (9/18/2016)Women's Open2nd27
2. Webberville CX Weekend (10/16/2016)Women's Cat 1/2/31st30
3. Mellow Johnny's Cross of Ages (10/29/2016)Women's Cat 1/2/31st30
4. WurstCross Festival (11/12/2016)Women's Cat 1/2/31st30
Elite Women Total117
Cyclocross Total143
All Discipline Total657