George Heagerty - Geri Atrix

Texas Cup Events
Master Men 40+ Competition
1. Hotter n Hell - Crit (Sunday) (8/27/2017)Men's Ages 40+23rd3
Master Men 40+ Competition Total3
Master Men 60+ Competition
1. Pace Bend Road Race (2/26/2017)Men's Ages 60+5th57
2. La Primavera (3/4/2017)Men's Ages 60+4th43
3. La Primavera (3/5/2017)Men's Ages 60+7th30
4. Tour of Corsicana - Time Trial (3/11/2017)Men's Ages 60+5th23
5. Tour of Corsicana - Criterium (3/11/2017)Men's Ages 60+11th8
6. Tour of Corsicana - GC (3/12/2017)Men's Ages 60+4th89
7. Tour of Corsicana - Road Race (3/12/2017)Men's Ages 60+5th23
8. Apache Pass Road Race (4/30/2017)Men's Ages 60+6th34
9. Hotter n Hell - Road Race (8/26/2017)Men's Ages 60+3rd48
10. Hotter n Hell - Crit (Sunday) (8/27/2017)Men's Ages 60+1st60
11. State Road Race Championship - Age-Based (9/17/2017)Men's Ages 65-691st120
Master Men 60+ Competition Total535
Road Total538
1. State Cyclo-cross Championships - Age-Based (11/19/2016)Men's Ages 60+3rd96
Master Men 60+ Competition Total96
GPoTX Cup Events
1. Georgetown Cyclocross Festival - GPoTX #2 (10/9/2016)Men's Ages 60+1st90
Master Men 60+ Competition Total90
Central Texas Regional Cup Events
1. BSS Six Shooter (10/2/2016)Men's Ages 60+3rd24
2. WurstCross Festival (11/12/2016)Men's Ages 60+6th17
Master Men 60+ Total41
Cyclocross Total227
All Discipline Total765