Maurizio Topini - The Woodlands Cycling Club

Texas Cup Events
Novice Men Competition
1. Cedar Hill Race Festival (2/4/2017)Men's Cat 4/54th43
Novice Men Competition Total43
Master Men 40+ Competition
1. Medical Colleagues of TX Road Race (5/6/2017)Men's Ages 40+5th38
2. Houston Grand Crit (5/7/2017)Men's Ages 40+9th35
Master Men 40+ Competition Total73
Master Men 50+ Competition
1. Chappell Hill Bank Classic (9/10/2017)Men's Ages 50+3rd72
2. State Road Race Championship - Age-Based (9/17/2017)Men's Ages 50-5417th18
Master Men 50+ Total90
Road Total206
All Discipline Total206