Jon Lewis - Texas Pro Health Racing

Texas Cup Events
Elite Men Competition
1. Battle of San Jacinto (5/21/2016)Men's P/1/2/331st0
2. Texas State Team Time Trial Championships (6/19/2016)Men's P/13rd24
Elite Men Competition Total24
Amateur Men Competition
1. Texas State Individual Time Trial Championship (6/18/2016)Men's Cat 312th30
Amateur Men Competition Total30
Ages 40+ Competition
1. Battle of San Jacinto (5/21/2016)Men's Ages 40+2nd53
2. State Crit Championships - Age-Based (5/29/2016)Men's Ages 45-495th76
3. Chappell Hill Bank Classic (9/11/2016)Men's Ages 40+15th17
Ages 40+ Total146
Road Total200
All Discipline Total200