waqid janjua - Southwest Cycling Club Racing

Texas Cup Events
Novice Men Competition
1. Sealy Stage Race - Crit (4/9/2016)Men's Cat 420th0
2. Sealy Stage Race - TT (4/9/2016)Men's Cat 421st0
3. Battle of San Jacinto (5/22/2016)Men's Cat 4/529th0
Novice Men Competition Total0
Ages 35+ 4/5 Competition
1. Bat City Classic at Apache Pass (2/27/2016)Men's Ages 35+ Cat 4/533rd0
2. Tour of Corsicana - Crit (3/12/2016)Men's Ages 35+ Cat 4/526th0
3. Tour of Corsicana - Time Trial (3/12/2016)Men's Ages 35+ Cat 4/542nd0
4. Battle of San Jacinto (5/21/2016)Men's Ages 35+ Cat 4/521st5
Ages 35+ 4/5 Total5
Road Total5
All Discipline Total5