CLIFFORD GREEN - Dallas Bike Works

Texas Cup Events
Amateur Men Competition
1. Cedar Hill Race Festival - Road Race (2/6/2016)Men's Cat 3/414th12
2. Cedar Hill Race Festival - Road Race (2/7/2016)Men's Cat 3/419th7
3. Tour of Corsicana - Crit (3/12/2016)Men's Cat 318th0
4. Tour of Corsicana - Time Trial (3/12/2016)Men's Cat 354th0
5. Tour of Corsicana - GC (3/13/2016)Men's Cat 320th17
6. Tour of Corsicana - Road Race (3/13/2016)Men's Cat 319th0
Amateur Men Competition Total36
Road Total36
Elite Cup Events
Novice Men Competition
1. Georgetown Cyclocross Festival (11/14/2015)Men's Cat 4/52nd106
2. Georgetown Cyclocross Festival (11/15/2015)Men's Cat 4/56th68
Novice Men Total174
Cyclocross Total174
All Discipline Total210