Jeffrey Cartledge - Embros Bicycle Club

Elite Cup Events
Single Speed Competition
1. Georgetown Cyclocross Festival (11/14/2015)Single Speed8th52
2. Georgetown Cyclocross Festival (11/15/2015)Single Speed9th46
Single Speed Competition Total98
Central Texas Regional Cup Events
1. Cyclocross Scuffle (9/20/2015)Single Speed6th17
2. Webberville Cyclocross (10/17/2015)Single Speed6th17
3. Webberville Cyclocross (10/18/2015)Single Speed9th12
4. Mellow Johnny's Cross of Ages (11/21/2015)Single Speed4th22
5. Mellow Johnny's Cross of Ages (11/22/2015)Single Speed5th19
Single Speed Total87
Cyclocross Total185
All Discipline Total185