Drew Yoder - Southwest Cycling Club Racing

Texas Cup Events
Expert Men Competition
1. Battle of San Jacinto (5/22/2016)Men's Cat 2/329th0
Expert Men Competition Total0
Amateur Men Competition
1. Hammerfest - Stage 2 (4/2/2016)Men's Cat 37th10
2. Hammerfest - Stage 1 (4/2/2016)Men's Cat 310th6
3. Hammerfest - Stage 3 (4/3/2016)Men's Cat 37th10
4. Hammerfest - GC (4/3/2016)Men's Cat 37th45
5. Sealy Stage Race - Road Race (4/9/2016)Men's Cat 312th6
6. Sealy Stage Race - Crit (4/9/2016)Men's Cat 317th0
7. Sealy Stage Race - TT (4/9/2016)Men's Cat 318th0
8. Sealy Stage Race - GC (4/9/2016)Men's Cat 312th35
9. Battle of San Jacinto (5/22/2016)Men's Cat 3/420th6
10. Hotter n Hell Hundred - Road Race (8/27/2016)Men's Cat 321st8
11. Chappell Hill Bank Classic (9/11/2016)Men's Cat 314th18
12. State Road Race Championship - Skill-Based (9/24/2016)Men's Cat 316th20
Amateur Men Competition Total164
Novice Men Competition
1. Bat City Classic at Apache Pass (2/27/2016)Men's Cat 41st60
Novice Men Competition Total60
Ages 40+ Competition
1. State Road Race Championship - Age-Based (9/25/2016)Men's Ages 40+36th0
Ages 40+ Total0
Road Total224
All Discipline Total224