colin bromley - PHENOM

Texas Cup Events
Elite Men Competition
1. Tour of Corsicana - Crit (3/12/2016)Men's P/1/220th0
2. Tour of Corsicana - Time Trial (3/12/2016)Men's P/1/226th0
3. Hammerfest - Stage 1 (4/2/2016)Men's P/1/26th12
4. Hammerfest - Stage 2 (4/2/2016)Men's P/1/210th6
5. Hammerfest - Stage 3 (4/3/2016)Men's P/1/213th3
6. Hammerfest - GC (4/3/2016)Men's P/1/29th35
7. Battle of San Jacinto (5/21/2016)Men's P/1/2/333rd0
8. University Oaks Criterium (7/10/2016)Men's P/1/2/37th15
Elite Men Competition Total71
Expert Men Competition
1. La Primavera Lago Vista (3/5/2016)Men's Cat 238th0
Expert Men Competition Total0
Road Total71
Elite Cup Events
1. Texas Age-based Cyclo-cross Championships (12/5/2015)Men's 23-294th0
2. BSS Six Shooter Cyclocross (10/4/2015)Men's P/1/2/314th24
3. Georgetown Cyclocross Festival (11/14/2015)Men's P/1/2/36th68
4. Georgetown Cyclocross Festival (11/15/2015)Men's P/1/2/36th68
5. Texas Skill-based Cyclo-cross Championships (12/6/2015)Men's P/1/25th76
Elite Men Competition Total236
Central Texas Regional Cup Events
1. Its a Bexar San Antonio (9/19/2015)Men's Open4th22
2. Cyclocross Scuffle (9/20/2015)Men's P/1/2/37th15
3. Quest CX Challange p/b Treaty Oaks Distillery (10/10/2015)Men's P/1/2/36th17
4. Quest CX Challange p/b Treaty Oaks Distillery (10/11/2015)Men's P/1/2/35th19
5. Webberville Cyclocross (10/17/2015)Men's P/1/2/36th17
6. Webberville Cyclocross (10/18/2015)Men's P/1/2/310th11
7. CX7s Austin Cyclocross Festival (10/25/2015)Men's P/1/2/34th22
8. Mellow Johnny's Cross of Ages (11/21/2015)Men's P/1/2/33rd24
9. Mellow Johnny's Cross of Ages (11/22/2015)Men's P/1/2/35th19
Elite Men Total166
Cyclocross Total402
All Discipline Total473