Edvin Ordonez - Crest/RBM Cycling

Texas Cup Events
Ages 40+ Competition
1. La Primavera Lago Vista (3/5/2016)Men's Ages 40+29th0
2. La Primavera Lago Vista (3/6/2016)Men's Ages 40+38th0
3. Tour of Corsicana - Time Trial (3/12/2016)Men's Ages 40+31st0
4. Tour of Corsicana - Crit (3/12/2016)Men's Ages 40+23rd0
5. Tour of Corsicana - Road Race (3/13/2016)Men's Ages 40+7th15
6. Tour of Corsicana - GC (3/13/2016)Men's Ages 40+8th60
7. Jesuit Ranger Round-up (3/20/2016)Men's Ages 40+15th6
8. Sealy Stage Race - GC (4/9/2016)Men's Ages 40+4th89
9. Sealy Stage Race - Crit (4/9/2016)Men's Ages 40+10th9
10. Sealy Stage Race - TT (4/9/2016)Men's Ages 40+7th15
11. Hotter n Hell Hundred - Road Race (8/27/2016)Men's Ages 40+11th26
12. Hotter n Hell Hundred - Crit (8/28/2016)Men's Ages 40+12th23
13. State Road Race Championship - Age-Based (9/25/2016)Men's Ages 40+15th22
Ages 40+ Total265
Road Total265
All Discipline Total265