David Clary - Alchemy RoninOne Racing

Texas Cup Events
Amateur Men Competition
1. Bat City Classic at Apache Pass (2/27/2016)Men's Cat 324th2
2. Tour of Corsicana - Crit (3/12/2016)Men's Cat 340th0
3. Tour of Corsicana - Time Trial (3/12/2016)Men's Cat 317th0
4. Sealy Stage Race - Crit (4/9/2016)Men's Cat 324th0
5. Sealy Stage Race - TT (4/9/2016)Men's Cat 322nd0
6. Sealy Stage Race - GC (4/9/2016)Men's Cat 323rd12
Amateur Men Competition Total14
Ages 40+ Competition
1. Chappell Hill Bank Classic (9/11/2016)Men's Ages 40+35th0
Ages 40+ Total0
Road Total14
All Discipline Total14