Edgar Ibarra - Dallas Racing

Texas Cup Events
Elite Men Competition
1. Blackland Classic (4/11/2015)Men's P/1/210th30
2. Blackland Classic (4/12/2015)Men's P/1/214th18
3. Sun $ Ski Summer Crit (8/16/2015)Men's P/1/215th11
Elite Men Competition Total59
Expert Men Competition
1. Matrix Challenge (4/18/2015)Men's Cat 2/35th38
2. Matrix Challenge (4/19/2015)Men's Cat 22nd53
3. Bike the Bricks VI (5/22/2015)Men's Cat 2/34th86
4. Skill-Based State Criterium Championships (5/25/2015)Men's Cat 29th46
Expert Men Competition Total223
Ages 40+ Competition
1. Cedar Hill Race Festival (2/8/2015)Men's Ages 40+5th38
2. Tour of Corsicana - Time Trial (3/14/2015)Men's Ages 40+20th0
3. Tour of Corsicana - Crit (3/14/2015)Men's Ages 40+22nd0
4. Tour of Corsicana - GC (3/15/2015)Men's Ages 40+5th81
5. Tour of Corsicana - Road Race (3/15/2015)Men's Ages 40+2nd38
6. Age-Based State Criterium Championships (Glickman) (5/23/2015)Men's Ages 40+18th16
7. Memorial Day Crit (Non-championship) (5/25/2015)Men's Ages 40+7th30
8. Sun $ Ski Summer Crit (8/16/2015)Men's Ages 40+18th8
Ages 40+ Total211
Road Total493
All Discipline Total493