Catherine Moore - Squadra Di Servitori

Texas Cup Events
Ages 40+ Competition
1. Medical Colleagues of Texas Road Race (5/2/2015)Men's Ages 40+17th9
Ages 40+ Competition Total9
Road Total9
Elite Women Competition
1. Matrix Track Cup - Flying TT (6/27/2015)Women's Cat 1/23rd13
2. Matrix Track Cup - Sprint (6/27/2015)Women's Cat 1/23rd13
3. Matrix Track Cup - Elimination Race (6/27/2015)Women's Cat 1/21st20
4. Matrix Track Cup - Points (6/27/2015)Women's Cat 1/21st20
5. Matrix Track Cup - Scratch 1 (6/27/2015)Women's Cat 1/21st20
6. Matrix Track Cup - Standing TT (6/27/2015)Women's Cat 1/22nd16
7. Dollar Night at the $uperdrome - Race 1 (9/19/2015)Women's Cat 1/2/32nd16
8. Dollar Night at the $uperdrome - Race 3 (9/19/2015)Women's Cat 1/2/31st20
9. Dollar Night at the $uperdrome - Race 2 (9/19/2015)Women's Cat 1/2/31st20
10. Track on Speed - Race 3 (9/20/2015)Women's Cat 1/2/33rd13
11. Track on Speed - Race 1 (9/20/2015)Women's Cat 1/2/31st20
12. Track on Speed - Race 2 (9/20/2015)Women's Cat 1/2/31st20
Elite Women Competition Total211
Track Total211
Elite Men Competition
1. CROSS Houston (10/26/2014)Men's P/1/2/316th10
2. Georgetown Cyclocross Festival (11/9/2014)Men's P/1/2/333rd0
Elite Men Competition Total10
Elite Women Competition
1. CROSS Houston (10/25/2014)Women's Open1st60
2. CROSS Houston (10/26/2014)Women's Open1st60
3. Georgetown Cyclocross Festival (11/8/2014)Women's Open2nd53
4. Georgetown Cyclocross Festival (11/9/2014)Women's Open3rd48
5. Colonel's Double-'Cross Weekend (11/15/2014)Women's Open2nd53
6. Colonel's Double-'Cross Weekend (11/16/2014)Women's Open2nd53
7. Terra X (11/22/2014)Women's Open3rd48
8. Houston Cyclocross Challenge (11/23/2014)Women's Open1st60
9. Highlander Cross Cup (12/13/2014)Women's Open2nd53
10. Highlander Cross Cup (12/14/2014)Women's Open1st60
Elite Women Total548
Cyclocross Total558
All Discipline Total778