Danny Finlan - Crest/RBM Cycling

Texas Cup Events
Ages 40+ Competition
1. Cedar Hill Race Festival (2/7/2015)Men's Ages 40+37th0
2. Cedar Hill Race Festival (2/8/2015)Men's Ages 40+33rd0
3. Walburg Classic Road Race (2/21/2015)Men's Ages 40+16th10
4. Pace Bend Road Race (2/22/2015)Men's Ages 40+40th0
5. Age-Based State Criterium Championships (Glickman) (5/23/2015)Men's Ages 40+43rd0
6. Charter Reserve Road Race (7/18/2015)Men's Ages 40+10th20
7. Sun $ Ski Summer Crit (8/16/2015)Men's Ages 40+12th15
8. Hotter n Hell - Road Race (8/29/2015)Men's Ages 40+4th65
9. Hotter n Hell - Criterium (8/30/2015)Men's Ages 40+11th26
10. State Road Race - Age-Based (9/27/2015)Men's Ages 40+43rd0
Ages 40+ Competition Total136
Road Total136
1. Masters and Junior Regionals - Scratch (8/22/2015)Men's Ages 40+4th20
2. Masters and Junior Regionals - 200M (8/22/2015)Men's Ages 40+6th12
Ages 40+ Total32
Track Total32
All Discipline Total168