Jeff Mack - Ham Cycles

Texas Cup Events
Novice Men Competition
1. The Sprints - 200M (6/6/2015)Men's Cat 416th0
2. The Sprints - Sprints 1 (6/6/2015)Men's Cat 416th0
3. The Sprints - Sprints 2 (6/6/2015)Men's Cat 416th0
4. Atomic Time Trials - 200 M (7/11/2015)Men's Cat 412th0
5. Atomic Time Trials - Time Trial (7/11/2015)Men's Cat 414th0
Novice Men Competition Total0
Track Total0
1. CROSS Houston (10/25/2014)Men's Cat 4/548th0
2. Give Me Some Sugar CX (11/2/2014)Men's Cat 4/541st0
Novice Men Total0
Cyclocross Total0
All Discipline Total0