Frederick Wild - DNA Racing

Texas Cup Events
Elite Men Competition
1. Hotter n Hell - Criterium (8/28/2015)Men's P/1/218th12
2. Hotter n Hell - Road Race (8/29/2015)Men's P/1/254th0
3. Hotter n Hell - Criterium (8/30/2015)Men's P/1/229th0
Elite Men Competition Total12
Expert Men Competition
1. Matrix Challenge (4/18/2015)Men's Cat 2/324th2
2. Matrix Challenge (4/19/2015)Men's Cat 217th9
3. Bike the Bricks VI (5/22/2015)Men's Cat 2/323rd6
Expert Men Competition Total17
Amateur Men Competition
1. Walburg Classic Road Race (2/21/2015)Men's Cat 39th23
2. Pace Bend Road Race (2/22/2015)Men's Cat 326th0
3. Tour of Corsicana - Crit (3/14/2015)Men's Cat 311th8
4. Tour of Corsicana - Time Trial (3/14/2015)Men's Cat 317th0
5. Tour of Corsicana - Road Race (3/15/2015)Men's Cat 325th0
6. Tour of Corsicana - GC (3/15/2015)Men's Cat 312th35
Amateur Men Total66
Road Total95
All Discipline Total95