Jeff Grant - Northwest Cycling Club

Texas Cup Events
Ages 40+ Competition
1. Walburg Classic Road Race (2/21/2015)Men's Ages 40+13th13
2. Pace Bend Road Race (2/22/2015)Men's Ages 40+30th0
3. Heads or Tails Time Trial (3/7/2015)Men's Ages 40+2nd27
4. Chappell Hill Bank Classic (9/13/2015)Men's Ages 40+44th0
Ages 40+ Competition Total40
Road Total40
1. The Keirin - Australian Pursuit (5/30/2015)Men's Ages 40+5th8
2. The Keirin - Keirin 1 (5/30/2015)Men's Ages 40+2nd16
3. The Keirin - Keirin 2 (5/30/2015)Men's Ages 40+3rd13
4. Atomic Time Trials - Time Trial (7/11/2015)Men's Ages 40+1st20
5. Atomic Time Trials - Pursuit (7/11/2015)Men's Ages 40+3rd13
Ages 40+ Competition Total70
Track Total70
Amateur Men Competition
1. Give Me Some Sugar CX (11/2/2014)Men's Cat 3/423rd3
Amateur Men Competition Total3
Ages 40+ Competition
1. CROSS Houston (10/26/2014)Men's Ages 40+12th15
2. Give Me Some Sugar CX (11/2/2014)Men's Ages 40+11th17
3. Houston Cyclocross Challenge (11/23/2014)Men's Ages 40+21st5
Ages 40+ Total37
Cyclocross Total40
All Discipline Total150