Brittany Stark - FCS Cycling

Texas Cup Events
Elite Women Competition
1. The Blackland Classic (8/17/2014)Women's Open5th38
Elite Women Competition Total38
Amateur Women Competition
1. Matrix Challenge (4/19/2014)Women's Cat 3/48th26
2. Medical Colleagues of TX Road Race (5/10/2014)Women's Cat 3/41st60
Amateur Women Competition Total86
Novice Women Competition
1. Houston Grand Crit (5/11/2014)Women's Cat 411th26
2. Bike the Bricks V (5/23/2014)Women's Cat 48th52
3. Texas Skill-Based State Criterium Championship (5/26/2014)Women's Cat 42nd106
4. The Blackland Classic (8/16/2014)Women's Cat 42nd53
5. Hotter n Hell - Road Race (8/23/2014)Women's Cat 46th51
Novice Women Total288
Road Total412
All Discipline Total412