William Plumlee - Cadence Cyclery

Texas Cup Events
Amateur Men Competition
1. Cross Timbers (5/18/2014)Men's Cat 3/423rd3
Amateur Men Competition Total3
Ages 40+ Competition
1. Bike the Bricks V (5/23/2014)Men's Ages 40+25th2
2. Hotter n Hell - Road Race (8/23/2014)Men's Ages 40+29th0
3. Hotter n Hell - Crit (8/24/2014)Men's Ages 40+17th14
Ages 40+ Competition Total16
Ages 35+ 4/5 Competition
1. Jesuit Ranger Round-Up (3/9/2014)Men's Ages 35+ Cat 4/56th17
2. Matrix Challenge (4/19/2014)Men's Ages 35+ Cat 4/52nd53
3. Cross Timbers (5/18/2014)Men's Ages 35+ Cat 4/513th13
4. Bike the Bricks V (5/23/2014)Men's Ages 35+ Cat 4/52nd106
Ages 35+ 4/5 Competition Total189
Road Total208
Novice Men Competition
1. Cedar Hill Cross Challenge (11/16/2013)Men's Cat 4/51st60
Novice Men Total60
Cyclocross Total60
All Discipline Total268