Nicholas Torraca - Mad Duck Racing

Texas Cup Events
1. Texas Age-Based State Criterium Championship (5/24/2014)Men's 19-223rd0
2. Tour of New Braunfels - Omloop (2/1/2014)Men's P/1/236th0
3. Iris Stagner Memorial Stage Race - Circuit Race (2/15/2014)Men's P/1/2/313th5
4. Iris Stagner Memorial Stage Race - ITT (2/15/2014)Men's P/1/2/314th3
5. Iris Stagner Memorial Stage Race - GC (2/16/2014)Men's P/1/2/312th35
6. Iris Stagner Memorial Stage Race - Road Race (2/16/2014)Men's P/1/2/313th5
7. Pace Bend Road Race (2/23/2014)Men's P/18th39
8. La Primavera (3/1/2014)Men's P/1/211th17
9. La Primavera (3/2/2014)Men's P/1/222nd4
10. Fayetteville Stage Race - Time Trial (3/15/2014)Men's P/1/214th3
11. Fayetteville Stage Race - Road Race (3/15/2014)Men's P/1/211th8
12. Fayetteville Stage Race - Road Race (3/16/2014)Men's P/1/214th3
13. Fayetteville Stage Race - GC (3/16/2014)Men's P/1/210th47
14. Dallas Racing Spring Omnium (3/29/2014)Men's P/1/21st60
15. Dallas Racing Spring Omnium (3/30/2014)Men's P/1/26th34
16. King of Rockwall Criterium (4/12/2014)Men's P/1/2/32nd53
17. Matrix Challenge (4/19/2014)Men's P/1/220th6
18. Matrix Challenge (4/20/2014)Men's P/1/29th23
19. Houston Grand Crit (5/11/2014)Men's P/1/223rd5
20. Bike the Bricks V (5/23/2014)Men's P/1/220th12
21. Texas Skill-Based State Criterium Championship (5/26/2014)Men's P/114th24
22. Hotter n Hell - Crit (8/22/2014)Men's P/1/252nd0
23. Hotter n Hell - Road Race (8/23/2014)Men's P/1/218th12
24. Hotter n Hell - Crit (8/24/2014)Men's P/1/226th0
25. Chappell Hill Classic Road Race (9/7/2014)Men's P/1/215th17
26. Texas Skill-Based State Road Race Championships (9/27/2014)Men's P/123rd6
Elite Men Competition Total421
Road Total421
1. BSS Six Shooter Cyclocross (10/5/2013)Men's P/12nd53
2. BSS Six Shooter Cyclocross (10/6/2013)Men's P/13rd48
3. Spooky Cross (10/26/2013)Men's P/1/2/34th22
4. Spooky Cross (10/27/2013)Men's P/1/2/34th22
5. Colonels/Sho-Air Cross (11/17/2013)Men's P/13rd48
6. Highlander Cross Cup (11/23/2013)Men's P/1/2/35th38
7. Rsolution Cross Cup (12/28/2013)Men's P/1/2/312th15
8. Rsolution Cross Cup (12/29/2013)Men's P/1/2/37th30
9. State Cyclcocross Championship - Skill Based (1/4/2014)Men's P/14th86
Elite Men Total362
Cyclocross Total362
All Discipline Total783