Tak Makino -

Texas Cup Events
Elite Men Competition
1. Chappell Hill Classic Road Race (9/7/2014)Men's P/1/247th0
Elite Men Competition Total0
Expert Men Competition
1. Pace Bend Road Race (2/23/2014)Men's Cat 227th0
Expert Men Competition Total0
Amateur Men Competition
1. Tour of New Braunfels - Omloop (2/1/2014)Men's Cat 32nd53
Amateur Men Competition Total53
Road Total53
Novice Men Competition
1. The Omnium - Time Trial (9/13/2014)Men's Cat 42nd16
2. The Omnium - Elimination (9/13/2014)Men's Cat 43rd13
3. The Omnium - Pursuit (9/13/2014)Men's Cat 44th10
4. The Omnium - Points Race (9/13/2014)Men's Cat 45th8
5. The Omnium - Flying Lap (9/13/2014)Men's Cat 45th8
6. The Madison - Madison (10/4/2014)Men's Cat 41st5
7. The Madison - Flying TT (10/4/2014)Men's Cat 43rd3
8. The Madison - Miss n Out (10/4/2014)Men's Cat 43rd3
Novice Men Competition Total66
Track Total66
1. BCRCX (11/3/2013)Men's Cat 4/511th17
Novice Men Total17
Cyclocross Total17
All Discipline Total136