James Day - Shred Monster

Texas Cup Events
1. Texas Age-Based State Road Race Championships (9/28/2014)Men's 23-2911th0
2. Tour of New Braunfels - Omloop (2/1/2014)Men's P/1/221st5
3. Iris Stagner Memorial Stage Race - Circuit Race (2/15/2014)Men's P/1/2/311th8
4. Iris Stagner Memorial Stage Race - ITT (2/15/2014)Men's P/1/2/352nd0
5. Iris Stagner Memorial Stage Race - Road Race (2/16/2014)Men's P/1/2/333rd0
6. Iris Stagner Memorial Stage Race - GC (2/16/2014)Men's P/1/2/322nd14
7. University Oaks Criterium (8/10/2014)Men's P/1/2/310th11
8. Chappell Hill Classic Road Race (9/7/2014)Men's P/1/210th30
Elite Men Competition Total68
Expert Men Competition
1. Pace Bend Road Race (2/23/2014)Men's Cat 236th0
2. Texas Skill-Based State Road Race Championships (9/27/2014)Men's Cat 230th0
Expert Men Competition Total0
Road Total68
Amateur Men Competition
1. Track on Speed - Unknown (7/12/2014)Men's Cat 32nd16
2. Track on Speed - Scratch (7/12/2014)Men's Cat 32nd16
3. Track on Speed - Miss & Out (7/12/2014)Men's Cat 32nd16
4. Superdrome Speed Race #4 - Sprints (7/13/2014)Men's Cat 32nd16
5. Superdrome Speed Race #4 - 200 M (7/13/2014)Men's Cat 32nd16
6. Elite Track Regionals - Scratch (8/2/2014)Men's Cat 33rd26
7. Elite Track Regionals - Pursuit (8/2/2014)Men's Cat 34th20
8. Elite Track Regionals - Time Trial (8/2/2014)Men's Cat 35th16
9. Elite Track Regional - Sprints (8/2/2014)Men's Cat 32nd32
10. Elite Track Regionals - Keirin (8/2/2014)Men's Cat 33rd26
11. The Omnium - Points Race (9/13/2014)Men's Cat 32nd16
12. The Omnium - Pursuit (9/13/2014)Men's Cat 32nd16
13. The Omnium - Time Trial (9/13/2014)Men's Cat 33rd13
14. The Omnium - Flying Lap (9/13/2014)Men's Cat 33rd13
15. The Omnium - Scratch (9/13/2014)Men's Cat 32nd16
16. The Omnium - Elimination (9/13/2014)Men's Cat 32nd16
Amateur Men Total290
Track Total290
All Discipline Total358