Luke Allen -

Texas Cup Events
Elite Men Competition
1. Hotter n Hell - Crit (8/22/2014)Men's P/1/239th0
2. Hotter n Hell - Crit (8/24/2014)Men's P/1/210th30
Elite Men Competition Total30
Expert Men Competition
1. The Blackland Classic (8/16/2014)Men's Cat 2/319th7
Expert Men Competition Total7
Amateur Men Competition
1. Tour of New Braunfels - Omloop (2/1/2014)Men's Cat 318th8
2. Fort Davis Hammerfest - Hill Climb (4/26/2014)Men's Cat 38th8
3. Fort Davis Hammerfest - Road Race (4/26/2014)Men's Cat 32nd25
4. Fort Davis Hammerfest - Road Race (4/27/2014)Men's Cat 36th12
5. Fort Davis Hammerfest - GC (4/27/2014)Men's Cat 36th49
Amateur Men Competition Total102
Road Total139
Novice Men Competition
1. Track on Speed - Miss & Out (7/12/2014)Men's Cat 41st20
2. Track on Speed - Scratch (7/12/2014)Men's Cat 46th6
3. Track on Speed - Unknown (7/12/2014)Men's Cat 410th1
Novice Men Total27
Track Total27
All Discipline Total166