Stewart Ericson - Team Bicycles Inc.

Texas Cup Events
Expert Men Competition
1. King of Rockwall (4/13/2013)Men's Cat 2/325th1
Expert Men Competition Total1
Amateur Men Competition
1. Fair Park Criterium (3/9/2013)Men's Cat 3/47th15
2. Dallas Racing Spring Criterium (3/30/2013)Men's Cat 313th13
3. Matrix Challenge (4/20/2013)Men's Cat 34th43
4. Bike the Bricks IV (5/24/2013)Men's Cat 3/44th86
5. Skill-Based State Criterium Championship (5/27/2013)Men's Cat 320th12
6. Hotter n Hell - Road Race (8/24/2013)Men's Cat 326th0
7. Hotter n Hell - Criterium (8/25/2013)Men's Cat 35th57
Amateur Men Competition Total226
Road Total227
Elite Men Competition
1. Spooky Cross (10/27/2012)Men's P/1/215th11
2. Spooky Cross (10/28/2012)Men's P/1/27th30
3. Colonels/ShoAir Cross (11/17/2012)Men's P/1/212th15
4. Holiday Hustle (12/29/2012)Men's P/1/214th12
5. The Most Awesome Cross Race (12/30/2012)Men's P/1/215th11
6. Cyclehaus Tough State CX Skill-Based Championships (1/5/2013)Men's P/1/216th20
Elite Men Total99
Cyclocross Total99
All Discipline Total326