Jordan Chaney - Mirage

Texas Cup Events
Ages 50+ Competition
1. Matrix Challenge (4/20/2013)Men's Ages 50+13th13
2. Matrix Challenge (4/21/2013)Men's Ages 50+12th15
Ages 50+ Competition Total28
Road Total28
Amateur Men Competition
1. Spooky Cross (10/27/2012)Men's Cat 323rd3
2. Outback Cyclocross Race (12/16/2012)Men's Cat 3/414th12
3. The Most Awesome Cross Race (12/30/2012)Men's Cat 3/412th15
Amateur Men Competition Total30
Ages 50+ Competition
1. Spooky Cross (10/28/2012)Men's Ages 50+6th34
2. Cross Giving (11/24/2012)Men's Ages 50+5th38
3. Cross Giving (11/25/2012)Men's Ages 50+5th38
4. Outback Cyclocross Race (12/16/2012)Men's Ages 50+8th26
5. Holiday Hustle (12/29/2012)Men's Ages 50+4th43
6. The Most Awesome Cross Race (12/30/2012)Men's Ages 50+5th38
Ages 50+ Total217
Cyclocross Total247
All Discipline Total275