Jerry Lewis - Rockwall Cycling

Texas Cup Events
Expert Men Competition
1. King of Rockwall (4/13/2013)Men's Cat 2/330th0
2. Rockwall Criterium (4/14/2013)Men's Cat 2/315th11
3. Tour of Austin (8/31/2013)Men's Cat 2/336th0
Expert Men Competition Total11
Amateur Men Competition
1. Fair Park Criterium (3/9/2013)Men's Cat 3/421st0
2. Matrix Challenge (4/20/2013)Men's Cat 37th30
3. Matrix Challenge (4/21/2013)Men's Cat 35th38
4. Bike the Bricks IV (5/24/2013)Men's Cat 3/421st10
Amateur Men Competition Total78
Ages 40+ Competition
1. Fair Park Criterium (3/9/2013)Men's Ages 40+32nd0
2. King of Rockwall (4/13/2013)Men's Ages 40+15th11
3. Hotter n Hell - Road Race (8/24/2013)Men's Ages 40+7th45
4. Tour of Austin (9/1/2013)Men's Ages 40+20th6
Ages 40+ Total62
Road Total151
All Discipline Total151