John Miller - Bicycle-Heaven

Texas Cup Events
Amateur Men Competition
1. University Oaks Critierum (3/10/2013)Men's Cat 3/418th3
Amateur Men Competition Total3
Ages 40+ Competition
1. Tour of New Braunfels - Omloop (2/2/2013)Men's Ages 40+21st5
2. University Oaks Critierum (3/10/2013)Men's Ages 40+11th10
3. University Oaks Critierium (8/4/2013)Men's Ages 40+6th17
4. University Oaks Criterium (9/15/2013)Men's Ages 40+13th8
Ages 40+ Competition Total40
Ages 50+ Competition
1. Pace Bend Road Race (2/24/2013)Men's Ages 50+19th11
2. La Primavera - Saturday (3/2/2013)Men's Ages 50+22nd4
3. La Primavera - Sunday (3/3/2013)Men's Ages 50+14th12
4. Tour of Austin (9/1/2013)Men's Ages 50+12th15
5. Tour of Austin (9/2/2013)Men's Ages 50+20th6
Ages 50+ Competition Total48
Road Total91
1. BSS Six Shooter Cyclocross (10/6/2012)Men's Ages 50+11th17
2. San Antonio Cyclocross, itís a Bexar (10/20/2012)Men's Ages 50+7th15
3. San Antonio Cyclocross, itís a Bexar (10/21/2012)Men's Ages 50+8th13
Ages 50+ Total45
Cyclocross Total45
All Discipline Total136