Audrey Wanger - Southwest Cycling Club Racing

Texas Cup Events
Novice Women Competition
1. Walburg Classic Road Race (2/23/2013)Women's Cat 421st5
2. Pace Bend Road Race (2/24/2013)Women's Cat 419th11
3. La Primavera - Sunday (3/3/2013)Women's Cat 415th11
4. Medical Colleagues of Texas Road Race (5/4/2013)Women's Cat 411th17
5. Houston Grand Crit (5/5/2013)Women's Cat 410th30
6. Chappell Hill Bank Classic (9/8/2013)Women's Cat 420th6
Novice Women Competition Total80
Road Total80
1. Masters and Junior Regionals - Scratch (6/22/2013)Women's Ages 50+3rd26
Track Total26
All Discipline Total106