Katie Gibson - Northwest Cycling Club

Texas Cup Events
U15 Women Competition
1. The Sprints - 200 M (4/13/2013)Junior Women's 10-141st20
2. The Sprints - Chariot (4/13/2013)Junior Women's 10-141st20
3. Samurai Keirin Cup - Handicap (4/27/2013)Junior Women's 10-141st20
4. Samurai Keirin Cup - Chariot (4/27/2013)Junior Women's 10-141st20
5. Masters and Junior Regionals - 500M (6/22/2013)Junior Women's 10-123rd26
6. Masters and Junior Regionals - Scratch (6/22/2013)Junior Women's 10-122nd32
U15 Women Total138
Track Total138
All Discipline Total138