Mark Ashton - Mirage

Texas Cup Events
Amateur Men Competition
1. King of Rockwall (4/13/2013)Men's Cat 319th7
Amateur Men Competition Total7
Ages 40+ Competition
1. GS Tenzing Criterium (5/26/2013)Men's Ages 40+20th6
Ages 40+ Competition Total6
Road Total13
Elite Men Competition
1. Outback Cyclocross Race (12/16/2012)Men's P/1/211th17
2. Holiday Hustle (12/29/2012)Men's P/1/215th11
3. The Most Awesome Cross Race (12/30/2012)Men's P/1/218th8
4. Cyclehaus Tough State CX Skill-Based Championships (1/5/2013)Men's P/1/221st10
Elite Men Competition Total46
Amateur Men Competition
1. San Antonio Cyclocross, itís a Bexar (10/20/2012)Men's Cat 3/46th17
2. San Antonio Cyclocross, itís a Bexar (10/21/2012)Men's Cat 3/46th17
3. Spooky Cross (10/27/2012)Men's Cat 334th0
4. Spooky Cross (10/28/2012)Men's Cat 312th15
5. Georgetown Cyclocross Festival (11/10/2012)Men's Cat 3/44th22
6. Georgetown Cyclocross Festival (11/11/2012)Men's Cat 3/47th15
7. Colonels/ShoAir Cross (11/17/2012)Men's Cat 315th11
8. Cross Giving (11/24/2012)Men's Cat 3/48th26
9. Cross Giving (11/25/2012)Men's Cat 3/412th15
10. Cyclocross Scuffle at Richard Moya Park (12/8/2012)Men's Cat 3/43rd48
11. Webberville Cyclocross (12/9/2012)Men's Cat 3/42nd53
Amateur Men Competition Total239
Ages 40+ Competition
1. Cyclehaus Tough State CX Age-Based Championships (1/6/2013)Men's Ages 40+15th22
Ages 40+ Total22
Cyclocross Total307
All Discipline Total320