Ryan Coover - Blur Racing p/b Enve/Firefly Bicycles

Texas Cup Events
Amateur Men Competition
1. Fayetteville Stage Race - Time Trial (3/16/2013)Men's Cat 3/46th18
2. Fayetteville Stage Race - Road Race (3/16/2013)Men's Cat 3/460th0
3. Fayetteville Stage Race - Road Race (3/17/2013)Men's Cat 3/451st0
4. Fayetteville Stage Race - GC (3/17/2013)Men's Cat 3/447th0
Amateur Men Competition Total18
Ages 40+ Competition
1. Tour of Austin (8/31/2013)Men's Ages 40+48th0
2. Tour of Austin (9/1/2013)Men's Ages 40+44th0
3. Tour of Austin (9/2/2013)Men's Ages 40+23rd3
Ages 40+ Competition Total3
Road Total21
Amateur Men Competition
1. Cyclocross Scuffle at Richard Moya Park (12/8/2012)Men's Cat 3/411th17
2. Webberville Cyclocross (12/9/2012)Men's Cat 3/45th38
Amateur Men Competition Total55
Novice Men Competition
1. Georgetown Cyclocross Festival (11/11/2012)Men's Cat 41st30
Novice Men Total30
Cyclocross Total85
All Discipline Total106