Gerardo Chaparro - Bicycles Plus Racing

Texas Cup Events
Novice Men Competition
1. State Road Race Championships - Skill-Based (9/28/2013)Men's Cat 452nd0
Novice Men Competition Total0
Ages 40+ Competition
1. Dallas Racing Spring Criterium (3/30/2013)Men's Ages 40+22nd4
2. King of Rockwall (4/13/2013)Men's Ages 40+22nd4
3. Rockwall Criterium (4/14/2013)Men's Ages 40+23rd3
4. Matrix Challenge (4/21/2013)Men's Ages 40+26th0
5. Bike the Bricks IV (5/24/2013)Men's Ages 40+42nd0
6. GS Tenzing Criterium (5/26/2013)Men's Ages 40+22nd4
7. Double Barrel Criterium Weekend (7/14/2013)Men's Ages 40+10th20
8. Hotter n Hell - Road Race (8/24/2013)Men's Ages 40+33rd0
9. Hotter n Hell - Criterium (8/25/2013)Men's Ages 40+16th15
10. Tour of Austin (9/1/2013)Men's Ages 40+35th0
11. Tour of Austin (9/2/2013)Men's Ages 40+28th0
Ages 40+ Competition Total50
Ages 35+ 4/5 Competition
1. Walburg Classic Road Race (2/23/2013)Men's Ages 35+ Cat 4/513th13
2. Waco OMNI Omnium - Crit (3/23/2013)Men's Ages 35+ Cat 4/59th23
3. Waco OMNI Omnium - Time Trial (3/23/2013)Men's Ages 35+ Cat 4/511th17
4. Dallas Racing Spring Criterium (3/30/2013)Men's Ages 35+ Cat 4/513th13
5. King of Rockwall (4/13/2013)Men's Ages 35+ Cat 4/518th8
6. Rockwall Criterium (4/14/2013)Men's Ages 35+ Cat 4/514th12
7. Matrix Challenge (4/20/2013)Men's Ages 35+ Cat 4/516th10
8. Matrix Challenge (4/21/2013)Men's Ages 35+ Cat 4/517th9
9. GS Tenzing Criterium (5/26/2013)Men's Ages 35+ Cat 4/515th11
10. Stage Road Race Championships - Age-Based (9/29/2013)Men's Ages 35+ Cat 4/514th24
Ages 35+ 4/5 Total140
Road Total190
All Discipline Total190