Chad Harvey - Team Party Time

Texas Cup Events
Expert Men Competition
1. King of Rockwall (4/13/2013)Men's Cat 2/339th0
2. Tour of Austin (9/1/2013)Men's Cat 2/360th0
3. Tour of Austin (9/2/2013)Men's Cat 2/338th0
Expert Men Competition Total0
Amateur Men Competition
1. Pace Bend Road Race (2/24/2013)Men's Cat 348th0
2. King of Rockwall (4/13/2013)Men's Cat 325th1
Amateur Men Competition Total1
Road Total1
1. Spooky Cross (10/27/2012)Men's Cat 32nd53
2. Spooky Cross (10/28/2012)Men's Cat 33rd48
3. Colonels/ShoAir Cross (11/17/2012)Men's Cat 35th38
4. Holiday Hustle (12/29/2012)Men's Cat 3/42nd53
Amateur Men Total192
Cyclocross Total192
All Discipline Total193