Craig Virr - Crumpton Cycles

Texas Cup Events
Expert Men Competition
1. Tour of Austin (9/1/2013)Men's Cat 2/353rd0
2. Tour of Austin (9/2/2013)Men's Cat 2/341st0
Expert Men Competition Total0
Amateur Men Competition
1. State Individual Time Trial Championships (6/29/2013)Men's Cat 310th40
Amateur Men Competition Total40
Road Total40
Elite Men Competition
1. BSS Six Shooter Cyclocross (10/6/2012)Men's P/1/215th11
2. BSS Six Shooter Cyclocross (10/7/2012)Men's P/1/217th9
3. Cross Houston (11/4/2012)Men's P/1/211th10
4. Georgetown Cyclocross Festival (11/10/2012)Men's P/1/212th9
5. Cross Giving (11/24/2012)Men's P/1/217th9
6. Cross Giving (11/25/2012)Men's P/1/210th20
7. Terra X Cyclocross (12/1/2012)Men's P/1/27th30
8. Bikesport Cyclocross Challenge (12/2/2012)Men's P/1/29th23
9. Cyclocross Scuffle at Richard Moya Park (12/8/2012)Men's P/1/220th6
10. Webberville Cyclocross (12/9/2012)Men's P/1/216th10
11. Outback Cyclocross Race (12/15/2012)Men's P/1/211th17
12. Holiday Hustle (12/29/2012)Men's P/1/213th13
13. Cyclehaus Tough State CX Skill-Based Championships (1/5/2013)Men's P/1/213th26
Elite Men Competition Total193
Single Speed Competition
1. Cross Houston (11/3/2012)Single Speed3rd24
2. Georgetown Cyclocross Festival (11/10/2012)Single Speed1st30
3. Georgetown Cyclocross Festival (11/11/2012)Single Speed1st30
Single Speed Total84
Cyclocross Total277
All Discipline Total317