Houston Grand Prix of Cyclocross -- Regional Cross Series

Houston Grand Prix of Cyclocross closing out the year with their series awards party at The Urban Bicycle Gallary.

Photo courtesy of Kenny Lim

Recent Upgrades

Rider Name

Team Location Category Discipline
Michael Lori Austin 4 to 3 Road
Philip Grassley Fort Worth 5 to 4 Road
Andrwe McClintic The University Of Texas At Austin Houston 5 to 4 Road
Austin Schneider Northwest Cycling Club Houston 5 to 4 Roadk
Angela Streadwick Wichita Falls Bicycling Club Wichita Falls 4 to 3 Road
Catherine Moore Fearless Femme P/b Haute Wheels Racing Waco 3 to 2 Track
Owen Lee Dallas Bike Works Dallas 5 to 4 Road
Eric Alvarado Texas Tech University Lubbock 5 to 4 Road
Flora Yan Dallas Racing Plano 3 to 2 Road
Jonathan Spangle Shama Cycles Katy 4 to 3 Track
John Wilmetch Bike Barn(Texas) New Waverly 5 to 4 Track
Chaz Mack Team West End Houston 5 to 4 Road
Sam Olden Texas High School Cycling League Dallas 5 to 4 Road
Ralph Ramirez Pearland 5 to 4 Road
Joshua Carey Mirage Dallas 4 to 3 Road
Doogie Roux Ham Cycles Cheneyville, LA 5 to 4 Track
Zach Ross Dbike Barn(Texas) Houston 5 to 4 Track
Cole Weidenbach 787 Racing Spicewood 4 to 3 Cyclo-cross
Matthew Crawford Austin 5 to 4 Road
Grant Coultas San Antonio 5 to 4 Road
Kyle Steck Houston 5 to 4 Road
Thomas Traxler Brownsville 5 to 4 Track
Mark Weir GS Tenzing Corinth 4 to 3 Road
Jon Hunder GS Tenzing Lewisville 4 to 3 Road
David Brignac US Military Cycling Team/ Dallas 5 to 4 Road